Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone at least 15 years old can register at the UK SAV. To sign up, you need to visit in person with a valid ID (for Slovak Republic citizens) or a passport and proof of residency (for foreign nationals). If you have a chip card, bring it along. It will serve as your library card. If you don’t have a chip card, we’ll issue you one for a fee.

Library membership costs 5€ for 12 months. The reader’s library card (ID) costs €6, but if the reader has their own chip card, they only pay for library membership. Ordering and borrowing available documents is free. SAV employees do not pay membership, ID card, or reservation fees.

The reader can order documents through the library’s online catalog (older documents through the card catalog). Users log into the catalog with their assigned ID (chip card number) and a password consisting of their birthdate backwards and the initials of their name backwards (YYMMDDPN). Instructions for ordering documents can be found HERE. Consultation services are available every day to assist readers with using the catalog. If a document is currently borrowed, it can be reserved, subject to fees according to the price list. Ordering documents is free of charge.

The loan period for students or users without a college education is one month. The loan period for users with a completed degree at the second level of higher education is three months. All users can extend their borrowing period twice, unless the material has been reserved by another reader.

Books are ready for pickup within 1 hour if they are in depository at Klemensova. If the books are in other depository, they will be ready for pickup the next day around noon. Notification about the pickup of documents is not sent by email. The reader must pick up the ordered documents within 5 business days, otherwise they will be returned to the depository. A maximum of 20 documents can be borrowed. The reader must come to pick up the documents in person, (or another person can pick them up based on authorization).

If our library doesn’t have a book in its collection, users can request it through the interlibrary loan service. The library only orders the book/document copy from libraries outside of Bratislava. If the document is not available in any Slovak libraries, it is possible to request a loan from a foreign library (IILL), this service is subject to a fee according to the Pricelist.

There can be several reasons. Check:
The validity of your library card – if your membership has expired, you need to personally come with your ID to the library.
Document status: if the document is on loan, a request for document reservation can be made (no earlier than one month before the document is returned to the library by another reader).
Document status: missing, detained – the document cannot currently be borrowed.
Document class – not borrowable, for in-library use only.
Your account – whether you have any books overdue or unpaid fines.